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The Mind in Motion is about a journey back to self. Many of us are lost in the chaos and confusion of our daily lives, we are climbing the ladders of success only to find our ladder is leaning against the completely wrong wall. Our goal is to provide new perspectives, curiosity, insights and inspiration to help chart a new conscious path forward.

My name is Dave Fyfe. I live in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada with my wife. I have three adult kids and three grandkids. Besides being a father, grandfather and husband, I am also an entrepreneur, writer, mindset/business mentor, long distance runner, vegetarian and have a life long passion for challenging my mind, body and spirit. 

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There are many times in life where we feel rock solid in our point of view, that is until a big life event happens that shakes our foundations and has us question everything. These events are an invitation to see that there are many ways to perceive every aspect of life, from what makes us happy to whom and what we choose to pursue.  

The Perspective blog consists of a group of contributors that are thought leaders, movers and shakers in the fields of personal development, spiritual growth, motivation, relationships, mindset, business excellence, physical health and mindfulness. By inviting various points of view we hope to shine a light on our blind spots and inspire a shift from a position that had previously kept us stuck.

Meet Dave.

Having orbited the sun for over half a century, I have had the privilege of a variety of life experiences both personally and professionally. As a divorced and remarried father of three adult children and three grandchildren, I have experienced a ton of learning and growth when it comes to complex family dynamics. Also as a builder of companies and an entrepreneur over the past 3+ decades I have witnessed what it takes to be successful in the wild, and ever-changing world of business. Lastly over the past 10+ years I have taken a keen interest in personal and spiritual growth that has revealed ways to move through life with more ease and compassion. 

As a personal and business mindset mentor my goal is to help others access their inner wisdom and remove mental roadblocks that are standing in the way of their hopes and dreams.

 Our Contributors


Anarah believes in lifelong learning and has dedicated herself to mastering and embodying the principles of personal transformation. Anarah has a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of British Columbia; further, she is a Prime PotentialTM Facilitator, an Identity Development Facilitator, and a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist.

Because of this specialized set of tools, she has developed a unique healing technology that she refers to as “Consciousness Coaching.” Consciousness Coaching combines her intuitive abilities with the best of her learning from many modalities including Family Systems Theory and Hypnotherapy. 

Over the past 22 years, she has established a thriving Coaching practice. Her joy in life is to facilitate powerful, lasting transformative change in individuals and groups. She offers her clients the experience of emotional release, forgiveness, self-love, and the new expanded perception that comes with clearing limiting beliefs. 

The results include: loving and fulfilling relationships, living your purpose, and reconnecting to your higher Self. 

Tracey Carlson

Tracey is a Mom, wife, coach, brain tumour warrior and gratitude junkie. She is passionate about helping and serving others, and as a Results Coach she specializes in supporting clients with acceptance and propelling forward through their obstacles to live their richest, juiciest life. She has over twenty years experience as a mental health nurse, has a Master of Nursing degree, and is driven to learn something new every day. She loves her blended family of four kids and a good book with a hot cup of tea.

You can find Tracey’s book Gratitude Reciprocates on Amazon and learn more at www.coachingwithtracey.ca

 Andrea Bath

Writing is something that originally came to me as a tool to empty my thoughts out at the end of the day, only to realized that it was also adding fuel to a creative spark within me. This is where my passion meets purpose. I am incredibly blessed to have found this place in my copywriting work, where I intuitively tap into the energy of what needs to be expressed and channel it into soul filled words. 

Outside of my writing career I am a mom of two who have hugely perpetuated my other passion for personal and spiritual growth. Not a day goes by where I don’t think about how I can show up better, not only for them, but for the world at large. It has become a lifelong journey for me to practice finding presence in every moment, and as a result experiencing the joy within it.

 Jeff Brown

Jeff is a successful entrepreneur with a ferocious appetite for learning. Over the years he has experienced a few big wake up calls that moved him to question and radically change his life. Although he appeared successful on the outside, he felt not-so-successful on the inside. His fast-paced life-style of wealth creation, adventure travel and "keeping up with the Joneses", didn’t bring fulfilment or an internal sense of well-being. Now, after years of personal and spiritual development Jeff has a rich understanding of life and how to thrive.

Along the way, his journey revealed a deep desire to assist others who know there is more to life than what they are living right now. Jeff has become a leader and mindset coach who guides people to discover their own internal foundation and formula for personal success. He has dedicated his life to helping people find greater fulfilment, lasting joy and freedom.

Lucie Honey-Ray

I am called to help humanity transform darkness into light: illuminating pathways to love. My personal healing journey led me to gain a deep understanding about the pieces of me I consider dark and how these limit our potential to love others and ourselves fully. My deeply rooted desire for self-love led me to 30 years of research, group and one-on-one facilitated sessions, and an exploration of what others might consider tough topics – on the dark side.

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